I was impressed by the delivery of the course, as it was free flowing, cogent and allowing thinking space.  The role play was excellent and certainly concentrates the mind and importantly highlights the flaws in your own perceived wisdom.  The insight is not crushing but helpful and certainly gives credence to the old axiom of 'failing to prepare is to prepare to fail'. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find the one to one scenarios powerful and uplifting and was given insight into my own strengths and weaknesses which will strengthen my own personal journey and challenge me to be effective within my own community.

John Teague


This training was great because even though i had done training before, I learnt more things, such as to watch Made in Dagenham and see how to negotiate, it was a brilliant course and with the current economic climate we need to energise TCC to be ready to question decisions

 Yvonne Pryce


I enjoyed the 24 hour training at Noddfa each time I have attended I have learned something new. It also gives me the encouragement to get up and speak about TCC at our church meetings. Also it is an excellent venue to hold training.

Valerie Williams

I found the training enlightening and thought provoking.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and converse with other TCC members from other areas to understand what problems they face and how they confront their local issues.

 David Kite



 I brought six members of our management group involved in leading our parish community project beginning in Rhyl shortly.  What impressed me was the way it impressed my own six people, all new to this, most relatively new to TCC.  All have said to me, and still discuss, how it was, quite unexpectedly, a rich experience of community life (apart from its main, educative purpose) and how they found everybody very easy to relate to.  The broad base of TCC came across to me when Welsh-speaking Ella, quite new too all this,  found herself alongside other Welsh speakers,  and amidst so many people who share her positive democratic,  justice-seeking agendas and values. Ella and the others, all from very different backgrounds, look forward to the next one day training. 

As our group are being trained by TCC for an intensive community listening exercise of at least over 250 one-to-one conversations per year over two years, with people in a very deprived area,  the training themes were fascinating and helpful,  giving them a clear vision of what might come out of our conversations as well as constructive practice and methodologies for conducting the conversations  -  a great start.  

Rev Charles Ramsay


TCC membership is the manifestation of the adage "In unity there is strength."  It is a means of giving the weak and helpless a voice and an opportunity to  influence developments in a way that would otherwise be impossible. This in turn gives people confidence and self esteem which are the necessary ingredients of good citizenship.

    Gareth Davies Jones - Trustee


My fifteen or so years of involvement with TCC have been invaluable in helping me gain enough confidence to set up  a Transition Town initiative in the Holywell area the aim of which is : "to bring together the head, heart and hands of the community in the face of Climate Change and diminishing resources."
Learning both theory and practice of how to run effective meetings, and coming to understand the vital importance of building good one-to-one relationships as the basis for a strong, successful organisation, have provided very useful "tools" in this respect.
Mixing with a cross-section of broadly like-minded people at a whole variety of TCC meetings, actions and events has been consistently stimulating and enjoyable - sometimes challenging - and often great fun!
   Roberta Owen - Co-ordinator, Transition Holywell & District.

I dont feel pessimistic or despairing about life.  I get out of bed in the morning, feeling better, because through TCC I am playing my own small part in building a better world. 

I saw a persecuted old lady who couldnt sleep in her own house pull a big company off its perch and get justice.  I saw another big company fight us till they had to give up and work alongside TCC and were forced finally to agree that incineration does in fact pour dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.
I saw TCC stop the UK Borders and Immigration Department from unjustly deport thirty valuable careworkers and many more in the UK.
I saw TCC help make Fair Trade a major player in Denbighshire.  All of this,  and much much more, brings me joy.

  Father Charles Ramsey - St Mary's Rhyl.