Community Organising Training 2013

24 hour training

TCC Training

TCC runs regular 24 hour community organising training, involving one overnight stay in North Wales.  The programme is designed to be experiential, interactive, and challenging.  Training will be delivered through a combination of seminars, role-plays, and practical activity, by a team of professional community organisers. 

To register your interest in taking part in the next course, please contact TCC’s lead organiser, Kay Polley.

5 day training

pbpuklogoWorking as part of the Powered by People UK community organising network, TCC also now offers 5 day community organising training, run with participants from across the UK. 

"The best training I have ever experienced. I have learned more about organising people and making a difference than in 20+ years in and working in education." participant from Teeside

 “I feel like it was a significant weekend for me in challenging the way I operate and shifting some perspectives that … have been personally limiting for many years. I also feel even more excited and hopeful about the possibilities of community organising” participant from Manchester

 “I was impressed by the delivery of the course … I was pleasantly surprised to find the one-to-one scenarios powerful and uplifting and was given insight into my own strengths and weaknesses which will strengthen my own personal journey and challenge me to be effective within my own community” participant from North Wales

 “I have been inspired and feel more confident about making a difference because I have new tools.” participant from Manchester

 “Being part of this training has made me to feel and think that I have a great role to play in my community to effect positive change.” participant from Manchester

 “It only took two minutes for me to realise that this was not going to be 'just another workshop' … Here, at last, was a way of dealing with issues that might actually make people sit up and take notice. It certainly made me rethink everything I thought I knew." participant from Teeside

 “I found the training enlightening and thought provoking.  I enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and converse with members from other areas to understand what problems they face and how they confront their local issues.” – participant from North Wales

 "This training has been absolutely fantastic. Learnt so much. Feel empowered! Thank you!” participant from Teeside