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  • Thrive Greater Manchester
  • Thrive Teesside
  • Together Creating Communities in North East Wales
  • Birmingham Citizens

Faced with huge economic and social changes, there is a greater need than ever for communities across the UK to assert their rights and reclaim power. And as traditional democracy faces ever decreasing levels of engagement, ordinary people are keen to find alternative ways to make a difference.

This is where Powered by People UK comes in.

People across the UK are increasingly using community organising to make significant improvements to their towns, neighbourhoods and streets. Powered by People UK brings together some of these organisations, and their enormous expertise, into one unified network. This new network will provide support for any group to tackle any problem, no matter how deep-rooted or seemingly insurmountable.

Powered by People UK members have overcome political barriers, found funding and changed perceptions. They have successfully worked on a huge number of issues, including housing, extremism, education, mental health, and debt. The fact that many come from poor and marginalised communities makes their achievements all the more impressive.

As we come together under one banner, our collective knowledge can now also be used to tackle issues of national significance.

Download the Powered by People UK toolkit.

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