We are excited to announce that the very talented performing arts group from Ysgol y Grango will be opening our public assembly on the 19th April, including Tom who was recently on Sky 1’s Got to Dance.

We’ll be showcasing some of our successes from the last year, so it’s a great opportunity to come along and find out more about TCC – the event is open to anyone, with Fairtrade wine and soft drinks served afterwards. 

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school busIn an open letter to Flintshire County Council, community organisation TCC has condemned the local authority’s proposals to no longer provide free school transport to faith schools for children who cannot provide evidence of their faith, calling the proposals “discriminatory” and “dangerous”. 

Lead organiser for TCC Kay Polley said “At first most people presumed the proposals just could not be legal, as they are so openly discriminatory.   Flintshire’s only faith secondary school is Catholic, so this would bring an extra cost to any pupil wanting to go there who is from any other Christian or other faith background, as well as children from none at all.  It seems impossible that a local authority could treat people differently because of their religion or belief”.  

The results of the proposals would mean there could be two children living next-door to each other, travelling to the same school, but one would have to pay for their own transport.  It could also mean that a family has to send siblings to different schools, as the proposals would impact upon younger siblings not yet in secondary school. 

However, what shocked people the most was that face that the local authority could be determining whether a child has a particular faith or not.  Kay continued “It’s very binary and simplistic – the Council is saying you’re either in the denomination or you’re not.  Then to demand proof of a child’s faith is absolutely absurd.”

“The proposals would only serve to segregate children on faith grounds, which is not very in keeping with the Council’s commitments to equality and fostering relations between communities.  Whatever your own views on the proposals, it’s important that you have your say in the consultation”

Flintshire County Council’s consultation is open until 12th April; an online questionnaire can be filled in by clicking here.

You can read the letter sent to the Council from TCC here

school busFlintshire County Council is currently running a consultation on proposals to change the provision of transport to faith schools, and to change post 16 transport.  This will run until the 12th April 2013. 

The proposal for transport to faith schools is to no longer provide free transport for pupils who cannot demonstrate adherence to the denomination of that school.  Evidence, such as a baptism certificate may be requested. 

This will mean that children who can prove their faith will continue to receive free transport, but those who cannot, those who are from different denominations, those who are of different faiths, and those of no faith, will no longer receive the free transport. 

The proposals have proven controversial, being picked up in both the local and national media. This includes the National Secular Society’s article ‘If you can’t prove you’re a Christian get off the school bus’, and the Telegraph’s ‘Church school pupils will need baptism certificate to board school bus’.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, make sure your voice is heard by filling in the consultation questionnaire, and getting as many people as possible to do the same.  If you’re concerned about how the proposed changes might affect you, please contact TCC.  

Consultation information and online questionnaire.

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