St JosephsSt Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican High School has become the first school in Wrexham to pay a Living Wage of £7.45 an hour to the staff it employs, resulting in 12 members of staff getting a pay increase.

The Living Wage is the amount calculated as enough to afford the cost of living in the UK.  The legal minimum wage is much lower at £6.19 an hour.  Increasingly people are finding it impossible to get by on the minimum wage alone.  Many working families are facing crisis, being forced to turn to food banks, loans, or hand-outs. 

The majority of children in Wales who are living in poverty actually have parents who are in work, and the majority of the UK’s benefit bill goes to supporting people who work in low paid jobs.  The impact of low pay reaches across all the community, causing stress, health problems and wider social issues, costing us all as a society.

Workers in Wrexham may be feeling the effects of low pay even more than other areas, with the average wage being £120 a week lower in Wrexham than the UK average. 

TCC has been campaigning for a Living Wage for Wales for many years, and approached St. Joseph’s on the issue recently.  Lead organiser for TCC, Kay Polley said “We are really thrilled with St. Joseph’s achievement.  It means that all of their employees are treated with respect and dignity, and can now earn enough to provide for their families.”

Now that St. Joseph’s has led the way, TCC is hoping that more schools and local employers will sign up and start to pay the Living Wage.  Whilst it might seem like a big extra cost, there are many benefits: staff take fewer sick days, work harder, and stay in the jobs for longer, so the employer may actually save money. 

Kay added “Paying the Living Wage is also great for the employer’s reputation, attracting a higher calibre of staff to vacancies, as well as helping to eliminate poverty in our communities.  It is really shocking that local people going out to work here in North Wales can still be living in poverty.”

Mrs Maria Rimmer, headteacher of St Joseph’s (shown in the photo) said “As a school we are delighted to be in a position to pay our employees the Living Wage.  This move shows our commitment towards our staff and fully displays the ethos of our shared faith community.”  The jobs benefitting from the pay increase are cleaners, administration assistants, and teaching assistants. 

If you’re interested in the Living Wage – as an employer or an employee, please contact TCC’s lead organiser by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or calling 01978 262588. 

school busFlintshire County Council’s Cabinet is making their final decision on their proposals to remove free transport to faith-based schools for those who cannot prove they belong to that specific denomination. This has caused controversy, with the proposals being condemned nationally as well as locally.

The Cabinet is meeting on Tuesday 18th June, so there is one last chance to get your opinion over to them.

TCC believes the proposals should not be approved for the following reasons:  In the Council’s own consultation over 90% of the 638 respondents disagreed with the proposals, with 85% strongly disagreeing. The proposed changes are discriminatory as they will treat children differently because of their religious background. The local authority is demanding ‘proof’ of the religious beliefs of children. The hardest hit will be the poorest families as they may not be able to afford cost of transport if they no longer qualify.

TCC has provided a template letter outlining these points which you can download, print off and send in.  Please do edit it to include your own thoughts, just remember to remain respectful and factual in anything you say.

Address it to: Cllr Aaron Shotton & Cabinet, Executive Office, Corporate Services, Flintshire County Council, County Hall, Mold. CH7 6NB. Mark it URGENT. You can also email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – why not do both?

Please encourage as many people as possible to do this to get their voices heard.  If you’re going to a meeting this week you could print off a few of the templates and take them along for people to read and sign their names. If you don’t have a printer contact us. Finally, if you’ve taken action, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to let us know, so we can keep track of how many have been sent in.

An evening of musical entertainment from the Little Big Band with a Fairtrade sparkling wine rececption, in aid of TCC.

The Little Big Band has 12 experienced performers, including a brass, sax, and rhythm section providing a full, stylish sound. The band has an extensive repertoire including classics throughout the 1930s, 40s and 50s including Beyond the Sea, Mack the Knife and Rock Around the Clock right through to arrangements of modern tunes from artists such as Michael Bublé.

You can buy tickets online here: Or to avoid the booking fee contact TCC directly - 01978 262588 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Tickets also available through TCC member groups.

TCC presents The Little Big Band

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